Louder Than Pop announces a partnership with The Hopper Art Trust to launch “Dennis Hopper: Widescreen” - an immersive museum experience. Widescreen will explore pivotal themes and periods in Hopper’s life and career with a focus on his artistic work, its execution and the ultimate impact it had on Hopper’s life and the public. Widescreen is expected to begin tour to select cities starting in 2023.

Dennis Hopper: Widescreen will allow visitors to discover the multifaceted and talented man, Dennis Hopper, the: Actor, Director, Writer, Photographer, Artist, Art Collector, Disruptor, Legend.

"We could not be more elated to partner with Louder Than Pop to bring the iconic career of visionary Dennis Hopper to life for his fans and the next generation of filmmakers, artists and writers. We look forward to the opportunity to experience the full scope of his work in a way that has yet been seen thanks to the advances in immersive technology."

- Marin Hopper, The Hopper Art Trust

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Brought to you by Louder Than Pop in conjunction with The Hopper Art Trust